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How could i book my taxi.


    1 – Text your journey details to 0759-5451-696 (add +44 if texting from abroad)
    2 – E-mail your journey details to bookings@dinez.co.uk
    3 – Fill our online taxi booking form

All taxi bookings will be confirmed the soonest. We will send a PDF file that contains your taxi booking details.

How can I pay for the taxi service?

We accept all major debit/credit cards, please let us know your mode of payment when you book. If you are happy with our taxi service, you or your company could always open an account with us, please contact us if you think our taxi services benefits you or your organization.


Taxi Fares

It is worth contacting us for a quotation then compare the taxi prices from other taxi service provider(s), Exceptional service, reasonable price, hospitable drivers and comfort in travel are just some of the reasons why we have these independent taxi clients reviews. As a guide, here is the tariff as set out by our regulator, Rushmoor Counci,l Taxi Licensing department. You will see the difference in how much you could save when you consider our services. We aim to quote a reasonable price inspite of the fuel increase and cost of administration.

How far in advance do I need to book my taxi/cab?

If booking your taxi online, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. However, we always accomodate urgent notice if that is your circumstance.

Will I be charged extra if my flight is delayed?
NO, we will not be charged if your flight is delayed

Flights delayed from the origin of the journey

Passengers are normally aware when this happens, we will appreciate any communications prior your boarding, a quick e-mail or text message to us makes a big difference.

Flights delayed due to weather or nature

When this happens, we will be communicating to our clients as often as possible to assure them, please check your mobile phone for any text or e-mail messages, if there is a need for us to ring you, we will do it as we are committed to provide you an excellent taxi service in Rushmoor and other areas. To serve you better, we will appreciate any communications from our passengers as well.

Other charges The following will be paid by the client(s) face value

  • congestion charge in London, toll charges
  • airport parking fees in airports (£usually 2.80 for the first 30 minutes and £4.90 for the first hour)

As a guide, please find the official parking tariffs, you will be surprise how much money we are saving you.

London Heathrow Airport | London Gatwick Airport

While waiting, the taxi driver will position the car in a safe and strategic location outside the terminal, we then keep on monitoring the landing time and assessing the time our client will finish immigration procedures and claiming of luggages. We try our best to keep your parking expenses to a minimum. We believe that we should not earn money in parking charges, you could always request to see the ticket

Charges in Waiting

Airport taxi service – first 45minutes after the plane lands will be FREE. After the grace period, £5 per 15minutes will be charge

Errands – first ten minutes is free, After the grace period, £5 per 15minutes will be charged

Local taxi runs – first (five) minutes is free, After the grace period, £5 per 15minutes will be charged (not applicable when meter is used)

Long journeys / Per day hire – Waiting time is normally calculated and added as agreed within the price quoted, please communicate to your chauffeur if there will be delays to avoid or keep the disruptions minimal.

Where will I meet my taxi driver after landing at the airport?

Your chauffeur will hold a board with our company logo and will ask for your name and destination. For first time travellers, you may also request us to send you a photo of the chauffeur who will service you, however, in certain circumstances, we may change job allocation to our drivers at the last minute, when that happens, you will be informed via mobile phone. Please keep our number in your mobile phone. We use all possible means of communicating to our clients to provide you with convenience and excellent service. The key is communication.

Please visit our Meet and Greet page for more informations

Special requests

When booking, please let us know of any special requests you may need so that we could further personalized our taxi service to make your journey convenient, safe and enjoyable. We are here to provide a good service, services that caters around your needs not ours. To let us serve you better, we expect our clients will communicate with us.

What is the service called ‘ERRANDS’?

Different clients have different circumstances, we came across a client who left his wallet in a hotel and needed to collect it to pay for the restaurant bills, in another occasion, during winter time, there was a circumstance that a mother of two wanted food be bought ten miles away from her house, we will provide an honest, fast and secure service to accomodate any requests.

This service saves our client of their valuable time just for a reasonable cost. We are the only private car hire company within the area who provide such service. We always think of ways to show how customer centred we are. From a baby milk to any items for collection or drop offs, we will accomodate your request because we understand your circumstance and our company is naturally geared to assist our clients in their needs.

Clients reference available. Terms and conditions applied (this is basically a waiver that we received such list of items and you receive them complete and in good working condition whatever is appropriate)

Do you do tours/sightseeing?

Yes, we cater whatever is your interest and work on your flexibility, we will always suggest, our aim is to save you money and maximize your time. Please provide us your places of interest and we will organize options and send quotations. Our day tours in London service is very popular with it’s bundled professional photography service, all you have to do is smile and pose. Photos will be saved in a CD.

What is the ‘optional PHOTOGRAPHY’?

With the professional NIKON D700 digital camera and SB900 flash, your photos will come out exceptional. All you have to do is to smile and pose. This is subject to signing a waiver with terms and conditions (copyright and release issues)

Will you meet us at any time of day?

Yes, we provide a taxi service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There maybe circumstances that we are attending to other clients, when that happens, please send an e-mail with your taxi journey details to info@dinez.co.uk or a text message and we will get back to you shortly. The number is: 0759 54 51696, our country code is +(44).