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Quality Assurance


Taxis and Airport Transfers – Client Quality Assurance

We are committed to provide and maintain high level of taxis and airport transfers services, we always:

    1. Call the clients for a feedback with regards to:
      • taxi vehicle related issues (cleanliness, hygiene and other taxi vehicle conditions)
      • taxi driver related concerns (conduct, taxi driving skills, customer taxi service, appearance and other related issues)
      • promptness of the taxi driver/taxi service, customer taxi service skills
    2. Send electronic questionnaires about your taxi experience
    3. Act and improved our taxi related services.
    4. If you are happy with our taxis and airport transfers services, we will appreciate if you could leave a taxi review

We had been given a letter of appreciation from the local taxi licensing office as our clients expressed their appreciation to the service that we had provided .(Disclaimer: The local taxi licensing office does not endorsed us, we mentioned the letter for the purpose of identifying the high level of service we provide for the service users)

Please contact us at info@dinez.co.uk for any other matters that concerns you. We are committed to deliver a taxi service that our clients will appreciate. We are here to serve you, we could always provide references

10 percent discount on your next booking when you leave a review