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Welcome to Dinez Taxis and Airport Transfers’ Taxi Blog

We will be sharing informations about the areas where we provide our taxi services.  We provide local taxi services in Aldershot, Ash, Ash Vale, Farnborough, Normandy and Tongham areas. Our airport taxi service covers the areas in Rushmoor and all other GU postcode areas.  We will try to help those visitors by sharing our local knowledge about hotels, accomodations, transportation, things that you could do, any articles, events or news that’s happening locally.  If you want to share with us any of your upcoming events or local newsletters, please feel free as we will always try to accomodate them.  Expect for local news, photos and maybe some videos.

Since ‘being helpful’ is one of the core values we have in our taxi business, if you have any questions or enquiries and you think we could be able to help, please feel free to ask and we will try to help  you in the best way we could.


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